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Stationery with Meaning

BOKOO, pronounced “Boh-kaw” means “to slow down, take your time” in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect.


 I have always felt the need to slow down and more recently, reflect in our fast-growing digital world.


 Being a part-time doctor, part-time stationery fiend, I have always been on the hunt for stationery that felt great but also inspired me and conveyed a meaning. As a British-Ghanaian with a heritage full of culture, I often find meaning and inspiration from Adinkra symbols, an aspect of Ghanaian culture.


Adinkra symbols are visual aphorisms that each convey a special meaning, traditional wisdom and values, often providing guidance in life. Not only are they beautiful but radiate a wealth of knowledge.


Through my love for stationery, my Ghanaian culture and desire to find products that inspire, Bokoo was born.


Creating feel-good stationery with meaning and an infusion of Ghanaian culture.

I hope it inspires you. 

Zara BOKOO_edited.jpg
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